Your Life Can Be Different, But Only With Your Participation3 min read

You wish your life were different.

Maybe it’s your career, or your love life, your friendships. It could even be that you’re spiritually disconnected. The meaning of life question entangles you. So, you lack purpose.

You flung accusations to anyone who’s on your path because it’s easy to toss the blame to the external world. However, the blame either attracts more complainers to stand in your corner, or it pushes people away.

The bulls*** you experienced in life aren’t your fault. But you’re healing of the bulls*** is. Although, it’s kind of hard to heal if you haven’t taken full accountability for your present situation.

And that’s hard and painful. But it’s necessary.

Your life is the way it is because everything is rooted in your habits. Habits you’ve developed to protect you from your pain. But those habits no longer serve you. If you want to level up your life, you must address these habits.

I took an honest inventory of my life in 2013. It blew me away to face the truth. This honesty involved killing my career, starting a new one, the death of my father, and a one-way ticket to Thailand and three years living overseas.

This honest inventory took six years for me to clear the clutter. Because with each honest look into your life, brings new challenges. Meek Mills said, “There are levels to this sh**.” Each time you awaken and see clearly, you go deeper and deeper in. Similar to peeling the layers of an onion until you’re no longer emotionally reactive to life.

When you’re no longer emotionally reactive to life, it means you no longer take things personally. Because those people who hurt you are most likely people who are in pain themselves. People hurt you because they too haven’t done the work.

So, once you’re no longer emotionally reactive to life, you’ll become more precise about your habits. You’ll need those habits to maintain your emotional resilience.

You’re habits and lack of accountability are the reasons your life isn’t different. It sounds simple, but I understand how complicated and multilayered this is.

Yet this is the only way. For instance, going to the gym once a month will not give you results, but if you want bigger and better results, you’ll have to commit to going to the gym four to five times per week every week, for months, years or even the rest of your life.

Whichever part of your life you’re committed to developing for the better, take an honest inventory. You may need some help with a professional with this one. Then change your habits. Slowly and one at a time. Of course, with your participation.

And that’s when your life will be different.

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