Without Growth You Won’t Reach Your Purpose2 min read

Take a look around you, and what do you see? Everything alive or not needs something to continue its ???????. ⁣Without growth, you won’t reach your purpose.

At least until its purpose has been fulfilled, for example, let’s start with plants. Plants need water, and most need sunlight to continue to grow. ⁣

Even inanimate objects need tending to, to withstand their life expectancy. A house needs regular maintenance and enhancements to continue to provide shelter for the people who live in it.⁣

If these things that I mentioned need something to grow and maintain their usefulness and life expectancy, what makes you think that you’re any different? ⁣

Don’t you need growth? Don’t you need regular maintenance to sustain yourself? Yet, you’re terrified of change & growth. You’re terrified to pursue what matters most to you.⁣

I used to be afraid of asking for support. I used to be afraid to invest in myself because I thought I could do it on my own. Sure, some of it you can do on your own but at some point, you’ll need something or someone to take you over the line––to reach your highest most optimal self. ⁣

Businesses scale by finding ways to bring in more people. How do you, scale YOU?⁣

Even Jesus had his disciples, companies have advisors, and even ‘ya momma had ‘ya aunties and their friends at the kitchen table. It may look different but it’s all the same.⁣

What is your definition of success? To achieve success in your personal life, in your relationships, in your professional life, and in your spiritual life needs regular deep introspection. If you’re knee-deep in it how can you see what you need to see so you can thrive?

This is why it’s crucial to create support systems around you that give you nothing but the naked truth. Do you have people around you that will tell you the truth? If not, then I suggest to revamp and purge the people around you. You don’t go far by hiding, at some point that expires. And for growth to take place you must care for yourself like a meticulous lawn. Pull out the weeds and trim the hedges.

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