This Simple Technique Helps You To Stop Overthinking1 min read

So many of us are overthinkers. We struggle with turning off our thoughts, or our thoughts are racing all the time swirling around in our heads. Our minds are working overtime thinking about everything that happened today, yesterday, and everything that will happen tomorrow.

Are you an over-thinker? Do you find yourself constantly replaying things in your head, wondering what went right, what went wrong, what will happen next, and so forth? Or do you find yourself just thinking nonstop about things that happened a long time ago? Well, keep reading.

Overthinking is a cognitive distortion. This means that some of these thoughts are a bit skewed from the facts. This happens because overthinking hijacks our emotions and thoughts and prevents us from thinking rationally.

My clients overthink about many things, like interactions that have them questioning their self-worth and highlighting their insecurities. It creates so much anxiety that they get emotionally and physically stuck in those mind loops while never taking any form of action.

Overthinking doesn’t have to ruin your life. Watch this video and learn this simple technique that I use with my clients to reduce and stop overthinking over time. Don’t forget to download the FREE downloadable worksheet that goes with this video in the YouTube description.

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