This One Mindset Shift Will Help You Stop Playing It Small5 min read

Why do you dim your light?

Keep it hidden like a secret you can’t bear to share. It’s tucked away from the world like a hermit in a city full of lights. No one knows he exists.

What’s holding you back?

What’s holding you back from setting yourself on fire and running wild with the harsh winds?

Why do you keep yourself under lock and key?

Like some prisoner, you’ve taken the rights to your talents and gifts away–– diminishing their existence.

Why are you playing it small?

Why have you decided the stakes you’re going to play won’t have any risks?

You’re terrified.

And you’re unsure.

But you’re helping no one including yourself by playing it small.

The Don’t(s) Are Barriers to Your Potential And Your Happiness

You don’t believe in yourself.

Who’s life is it anyway?

It’s your life. If you want to stop playing it small, it’s important to believe you are worthy of a huge remarkable life––because you can have everything you’ve ever wanted. You can become anything you’ve ever imagined.

Whoever told you otherwise— they’re liars.

People who succeed aren’t supernatural beings. They are human beings who decided they mattered enough to go the distance.

Your dreams matter. In a world full of billions of people you were chosen to live on this planet.

You could’ve been a Mayfly. Do you know the life expectancy of a Mayfly? It’s 24-hours. For some reason, you’re here, and you have the potential to live to be over 100 years old!

Are you going to choose to play it small for the next 100 possible years of your life?

You don’t want too much attention.
You’re good at what you do.

Or you’ve decided to undertake a massive change in your life, but you downplay it. Because you’ve decided it’s not a big deal and you don’t want the attention that comes with it.

People would ask me what I did for a living, and my only response at the time was, “I’m moving to Southeast Asia.” I acted as if it wasn’t a big deal.

The decision fascinated people. I couldn’t wrap my head around it because it didn’t feel like a big deal. But when I looked around, I didn’t know anyone else who’s ever done it. It was a big deal.

Whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re deciding to do––it’s a big freaking deal. And when people ask you about it, pump your chest out like Tarzan and scream it loud and be damn proud of yourself.

You don’t want to make others feel bad or uncomfortable.
So you’re the outlier, the black sheep of your family and maybe even your friends. You’re doing something that’s incredibly out of the box that no one can relate to.

And quite frankly it’s pretty damn exciting.

Furthermore, you don’t talk about it much, you keep your light dim––not to make other people feel uncomfortable.

It isn’t your responsibility to cater to people’s feelings who have decided not to 100% support you.

And the people around you who are your biggest fans won’t care how bright your light is.

You don’t want to leave anyone behind.
You’ve persevered and stuck through it. And you’re starting to see and feel the rise of your success.

So much so, it has you stepping into different worlds. And as you rise the people around you haven’t budged much. So you dim your light and fall by their wayside like a tumbling flower petal.

Because you feel guilty.

You’re worried about becoming too successful. And you’re terrified your network of friends are going to think you’ve abandoned them. So you shrink in size.

But when the right people support you, they understand you’re still the same person. And they’re not threatened by you.

Your shine doesn’t dim or erase their shine. Your tribe will have the mindset of abundance which means everyone shines.

You don’t want to feel isolated.
You’ve heard it’s lonely at the top.

So you keep one foot in your new life and one foot in your old life.

When success becomes too much, you take both feet and plant in your old life. And this negatively impacts your dreams and your long-term goals. Your self-sabotaging your life.

So, you have to decide. Who matters more? Your life or someone else’s attitude and feelings about your life.

Because if you dim your light for someone else, it’s game over.

Playing It Small Doesn’t Serve You Or The World

When your light shines bright you inspire others around you.

It’s the reason the world becomes enamored by celebrities, heroes, and mentors.

Because they’ve stepped into their light and no matter what happens they are committed to their shine.

But, when you decide to no longer play it small, you will step into your authentic self and live an authentic life.

Playing it small is a fear-based mindset. It’s brimmed with self-doubt, uncertainty, and anxiety––these feelings are a hindrance to a fulfilled life.

Believe You Are Deserving Of A Grand Life

You’re worth it.

You deserve the best life possible. And you can have it.

Because once you believe it, you will step into it without any apologies.

The world has plenty of dark corners. Yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

So, please, I’m begging––stop self-sabotaging yourself and let your light shine. Let it shine so bright it makes the stars in the night sky dull.

Because when you shine, you inspire others to shine along with you.

And frankly, the world needs more light.

The world needs more of you.

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