The Remarkable Gift of Being Stuck That’ll Change Your Perspective5 min read

It’s nagging at you. You can’t pinpoint it, but it’s there, simmering below the surface like a crocodile lurking in the swamps of Louisiana. But you’re not sure in which direction to go because nothing feels like the way and everything feels like the way.

You’re confused, and you doubt everything in your life. You look around, and almost everything feels like a mistake because you feel unsure about everything. Even making a simple decision about what to eat for lunch feels like a burden.

It’s utter insanity. And you’re trapped inside of your head. What is this feeling? It’s the feeling of being stuck. The feeling is so overbearing that you just want to run away. Take off. New name. New identity. Gone. A 360-degree change.

You want relief. But what if I told you that being stuck is a gift? A gift that many don’t have the opportunity to experience.

The Unshakable Signs of Feeling Stuck

You’re agitated every day. You’re so frustrated that you snap at the poor girl at the grocery checkout counter. You ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” Furthermore, you feel insatiable for answers to the questions you can barely formulate. All you know is that something isn’t in alignment, and it’s making you anxious.

You’re off. And you’ve been off for a while because you’re dissatisfied with every area of your life. I remember feeling like this for a few years. It led me to hate my work, disconnect from the people that I used to connect with, and unhappy with my entire environment.

I switched careers, added and subtracted friends, but nothing led me to answers. But when I gave up, that’s when I found the answers because the first step is to give up.

Give up looking. Give up trying to “fix it.”

The Gift of Painful Stagnation

Feeling like you’re stuck means you’re alive. It says that you’re ready for a profound transformation. Once you give up and once you surrender to the process, you can make decisions with an uncluttered mind.

Some people never feel stuck. They never receive the signal for a more considerable change in their lives. They don’t get the opportunity for a deeper introspective lens that will take them from the inside out. And in some cases the ones that do hardly do anything about it.

They fall back into routine and monotony. They complain while carrying miserable monkeys on their backs. But not you. Furthermore, the mere fact you want this change is a clear sign that something beautiful is up ahead.

You’re not stuck because what’s happening to you is you’re opening up. You’re opening up to the possibility of something radically new in your life. And it’s time for an in-depth internal exploration. This time in your life also means to be still so you can hear. If you don’t already have a journal, then I would consider writing everything that you feel.

Document all of your thoughts and feelings. If you’re already doing this, then that’s awesome. The next step is to remember a time when you didn’t feel stuck, a time when life wasn’t stale. It might be worth it to seek advice from a coach or therapist because, more often than not, this exploration requires you to dig below at its core.

Once you reconnect, it’s essential to sit on the train and ride with uncertainty. The anxiety is going to scream inside of your soul, but it’s okay because the anxiety will soften up like gelato in a cup, as you continue to look within––once it realizes you’re the one calling the shots.

The next time you feel stuck, remind yourself it’s not a negative state of being. Our lives evolve, and like a home, we need to move the furniture around for a fresh perspective.

Remind yourself this is a crucial ingredient for a life-changing moment.

Being Stuck In Your Life is Okay

When stuck knocks on your door again or for the first time, open the door and let him in. Greet him like an old friend, invite him for a cup of coffee, and have a conversation with him.

Tell him it’s going to be a long and beautiful night of self-exploration––because what will happen next is a mind that is no longer cluttered—no longer confused. And no longer anxious. Excitement will hold your mind hostage. It’s looking forward to the next chapter you’re leading it to. Open your gift. It’s life calling you to step into an incredible adventure.

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