The Greatest Gift That You Can Give To The World1 min read

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso.

Pablo Picasso is half right. What do you want to see in the world? You’re often focused on finding your purpose, often in relentless pursuits that destroy us or ignite us. Without it, you feel stuck and stagnant. Not finding it makes you feel like some sort of anomaly. As if you’re the only one in the world with this deep sense of struggle.

It’s not as complicated as you may think when you’ve committed to finding your greatest pursuit. However, I’d like to shift your focus a bit. I said Pablo Picasso is half right because this isn’t the greatest gift.

The greatest give that you can give to the world is the gift of your own transformation.

You may find yourself focusing on the thing that won’t catapult you into the best version of yourself. It’s because for you to find your gift, you must first transform first. Ask yourself, what are the things that are genuinely holding back you? Most people want to jump the gun because they’re focused on the results when the focus needs to be on transforming. It’s the chicken before the egg…

When you focus on transforming your life everything around you benefits. Things become clearer and finding your gift becomes less complicated. The bigger question is are you willing to commit to the transformation process because healing is ugly, it’s messy, then it’s beautiful.

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