The Clear Distinction Between Self-Awareness, Insight And Change7 min read

All right. So we’re just going to get started. We’re going to get started in. Um, you know, it might make these wisdom Wednesdays, a weekly thing. I don’t know, but so far I’m loving it and I just want it to this going to be quick, you know, y’all know I can be long winded a little bit. Um, but today’s going to be quick, but it’s something that came up and I thought, you know, something I just wanted to share with you guys.

I got my notes. It’s interesting. Cause I can go old school with the notes. Usually I like to type them a computer, but ever since I work, uh, I read steal like an artist recommended by Glo, Glo Graphics. Uh, I just, I’ve been just taking it old school and it feels great. All right. So today I wanted to, uh, talk about, as you see the title self-awareness isn’t change.

And so I wanted to just make a clear distinction about that. Um, you know, I really felt compelled to share this, you know, just for a few. You know, I feel like a lot of us are, you know, showing up in different ways that doesn’t give a clear understanding of this distinction. And often times it leads us to, or it could lead us into getting stuck in negative patterns.

And I’m all about interrupting those patterns because that’s what allows us to break free and really step into our highest self and our fullest potential. And so, and real quick, before I get started, you know, I usually share these things because I’ve seen them in myself, right. Or I’ve worked through them in some way, or I’ve created a new way of relating to it, uh, so that I can, you know, be the best version of myself.

And that’s why I share with you guys. And so always my thought is like, okay, if I’m thinking, feeling, and experiencing this, then someone else must be thinking, feeling and an experiencing this as well. And I feel, I always believe that the more dialogue we have about these things, the, the more we can break free from any shame or any kinds of things that prevents us from really healing in the way that, um, we need to.

And so the clear distinction to me that I felt compelled to share with you is that insight and self-awareness are not the same thing. They’re not synonymous. And so I just wanna repeat that again, you know, insight and self-awareness are not the same things. It is not okay. And I’m going to break this down a little bit and, you know, let me know if this resonates with you, if you’re like, oh, okay.

Yeah. That makes sense and all that um, we know what self-awareness is. Right. You know, it literally gives us an awareness to use the word, uh, as something that happened and when like have that aha moment, right. That usually interrupts, uh, the autopilotness of the way that we show upright. In the way that we interact with the world.

And, you know, there’s a level of recognition that makes us say, oh, okay. Right. Yeah. That makes sense. I see that. I see that. And so we’re walking around like, okay, cool. I’ve got this, self-awareness in my pocket and good to go that’s all I need. You know, oftentimes we go off running to that person. Maybe we have that exchange with and be like, yeah, you know, I get it.

I get it. It’s all good, but not quite right. There’s always more. And we always, we, sometimes we get stuck in the surface and when we think about insight, insight requires depth. It really requires depth a whole lot of things, but really depth. And sometimes that depth, uh, frightens up a little bit. Right. But that’s where we’re encouraged and challenged to lean in.

And so when there’s insight into a situation and the self, we understand why, and that’s so important because insight helps us to connect the dots. And so when you connect the dots, uh that’s when transformation can happen, like massive transformation can happen in our lives. And so when we’re quick to hold on to the self-awareness usually sometimes as a badge or as a sense of reward, um, when change requires depth and I’m not devaluing self-awareness because, um, that’s where we all start.

Right? And sometimes it’s even hard to even get to that state. Uh, but to have insight, uh, there needs to be a space between us and the ego. The ego wants to keep things the same, right. Because when we create space for our egos to step aside and to swallow a little bit of humility, you know, we don’t respond left primal state, and then we can connect the dots so that we can actually make changes.

And so self-awareness pretty much kind of like keeps us moving, right. Especially if we don’t move from that first, that initial state, it’s like this never ending cycle of negative patterns. And so when we have insight, insight asks us to consider a new narrative and be open to a different way of relating to the world.

And so it asks us to pause and to check in with the self, right. To, to receive the insight on, you know, you know, where is this thing really coming from? And then from there, the only thing left is to apply it. Right. And application is so so so so hard I know, listen. Yeah. Sometimes we learn things and it takes us 10 years to make that change.

So I get it. But applying is hard because the application also, um, requires us to first give it to ourselves. And this was a recent conversation I had, you got to look at myself and be like, where the things that I want in my life, whether it’s with other people, uh, professionally, personally, all that stuff those things, am I giving it to myself?

So for example, if you want more love when your relationships want trust, where are you not giving that to yourself? Where is there an imbalance or an inconsistency in your life? You know, are there parts of yourself that you’re not trusting? You know, whether it’s making decisions, uh, whether it’s boundaries, that sort of thing.

If that foundation is not there with you, it’s going to be super difficult to have that with other people. Uh, insight requires the ego to assume some sort of humility. And so self-awareness at some point, you know what I mean like it becomes just talk if we’re in it long and we keep having self-awareness and self-awareness things pop up in our relationships or just for ourselves or in our workplace.

And we just keep having self-awareness, we’re just, it’s just all talk y’all you know what I mean? It’s not moving nowhere. Uh, and so it’s, it’s how we start but we need to move past the self-awareness stage. Okay. And, and we’ll get feedback. We’ll get feedback from the people around us. We’ll get feedback from the universe who sends those experiences to us until we fully learned that lesson.

And, you know, after a while, people, people get tired of like, oh, that’s cool. You get that. But what’s up with those changes? So when you are aware, Just to use that word for lack of a better term when you’re aware of that thing, ask yourself okay, have I moved from aware to application, you know, from aware I’m starting to insight the application and then how do I do that?

Right. And if you need support, you know, you could always go off to see somebody read some books, to learn how to apply the self-awareness from there when you get the insights, right. When you understand that you connect. You know, seek out support and assistance to help you actually apply those, um, self-awareness and insights into your life.

I hope this resonated with you guys, let me know in the comments or now, or later, I see a hundred and a clap. Appreciate you. Um, and let me know if that resonates with you and if you found value in this, you know, to ask somebody to share it with a friend, thank you for joining me and maybe I’ll see you next Wednesday.

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