The Adult Antidote To Unhappiness: Have More Fun3 min read

Are you having fun?

There’s this idea that the more fun you’re having in life, the better you feel. When I moved abroad, I had many epiphanies. One of them was, I enjoyed adventure and change. Some people thrive off the predictability of life. I happen to not be one of those people––for better or for worse.

The other was fun. I used to live to incorporate fun somehow into my life while also sharing it with others. There were a few birthdays where I had people do activities like indoor skydiving and indoor racing. But, like many people, I too disconnected from this idea of fun.

As more people grow and become adults, many qualities are lost in translation––qualities like curiosity, play, wonder, etc. They are lost because people allow life to carry them away like inflatable rafts on a still lake. You’re moving along, but you’re not steering. 

Children are relatively happy little humans, except for any home life chaos. But as those children grow up to be adults, there’s a massive disconnect with engaging in activities and relationships that are fun. 

What happened to the fun? 

There are several reasons why fun is essential. Adding more fun experiences into your life raises your frequency. Your frequency is what I call energy. Some energies are low, and some energies are high. The higher your energy, the more you feel good.

The lower your energy, the worse you feel. You’ve met people in both of these frequencies. Which one do you want to be around more? You’ve felt these energies within yourself (hopefully), which do you prefer more?

This isn’t to say that life doesn’t have its peaks and valleys. It definitely will have its low points, I guarantee it. But, the Universe does its best to throw checks and balances your way. The Universe throws opportunities for fun, but you’re too disconnected to recognize it. 

Take a moment to think of an activity that brought you tremendous joy. Recall how it made you feel. What would happen to your life if you did more of that?

Have more fun.

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