Stuck In A Rut? Why It’s So Hard To Trust Yourself2 min read

Do you trust yourself?

Or do you find that you’re seconding guessing yourself at each turn?

Do you feel that making a particular decision is going to be painful? Or do you wonder if it’s not going to look right by societal’s standards? Sometimes making the decision feels in alignment, but we’re still afraid of what people will think or how they will perceive us. Other times we believe if we decide on something, it’ll waste time, money or impact our relationships, which is valid.

But waiting in limbo, it’s just not the best feeling. It turns into angst, lots of anxiety, frustration, disappointment, and maybe even regrets.

However, the beautiful thing about making decisions is that it grows your confidence. It expands your wisdom because you learn so much about yourself and others in the process that eventually, you find yourself with more profound clarity.

First of all, we learn not to trust ourselves because of so many different elements. Because the social conditioning of our world has us relying on external circumstances instead of our gut intuitions. If we grew up in distrustful households, then it makes sense that part of us still shows up as adults. Maybe we had caregivers who made us feel small and fearful.

You might’ve had caregivers who were also fearful, distrustful, or lived in fearful households. They made you fear in your abilities to step into yourself, sharpen your skills and talents, so you grow up relying on others to do the decision-making for you.

Every one of you can reach a level of trust within yourself and make decisions that will propel your life forward. I explain more in detail in this video.

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