Noise: Don’t Allow It To Silence Your Voice And Your Intuition3 min read

“People don’t want to listen to their thoughts, so they fill the world with noise.”

––Erin Entrada Kelly

Life can sometimes sound like a three-year-old banging on metal pots. There is no rhythm to the sound, just uncomfortable excruciatingly loud and chaotic sounds. The kind of sound that makes you cringe. It makes you want to escape. 

It’s kind of hard to think with a clear mind when there’s a ton of noise around you. The thing about noise is it drowns everything out. It’s challenging to know which thought is yours and which thought is worming its way into your subconscious. 

So, your thoughts bleed into each other. And it creates mass confusion. You have to step away from the noise, which is difficult for people. Stepping away means separating yourself from the noise. Not for an hour or a day but in many cases multiple days, months, and maybe even years. 

But what happens when you don’t separate yourself from the noise? Emotional breakdowns happen because people find themselves in situations they never wanted to be. Such as, in relationships that are way past the expiration date. Or jobs they should have moved on from years ago. The blinders are on when there is too much noise.

When I moved to Southeast Asia, I lived in complete silence for three years. And for the first time in years, I heard my thoughts. I heard them in a way that allowed me to heal and become clear about my life. It strengthened my intuition. Not that you need three years, but removing yourself from the noise will bring you peace of mind and more control over your circumstances. 

Pause and reflect, sit in silence more frequently, whether you call it meditation or not. Our bodies and minds need to pause. The body will force you to sit still if you don’t decide for yourself to be still. 

What can you do right now? Dedicate five minutes of silence every day or every other day or even once a week to clear your mind enough so you can begin to reduce the noise around you.

The world will distract you if you allow it. It’s built that way. Don’t make this a habit. It’s up to you to escape those distractions so you can focus on the activities and people that nourish your soul. 

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