No Hard Feelings: Why You Should Swap Emotions With Logic2 min read

No hard feelings.

But that’s what separates humans from animals. The most primitive living things have no feelings, although feelings can wage internal warfare on the human soul. Because humans are emotional creatures, feelings are the reasons why people become stuck.

Feelings are complicated. In some situations, people struggle to express themselves, whereas when it comes to achieving their goals, they’re “in their feelings.” As a mental health professional, I advocate the expression of feelings. People must process their feelings, resolve and heal them so they can move forward with their lives.

But on the other side of the coin, it’s those intense feelings that repel progress. Why do most people don’t chase their dreams? They are self-absorbed with self-doubt, self-judgment, fears, and lack of faith, etc. This is when the feelings rise to the top like foam in a Starbucks vanilla latte. When you attach to the feelings, internal warfare wreaks havoc and invades every inch of your life.

So, no hard feelings.

If there is a different life you’re looking to create, then you have to detach yourself from the emotions because logic destroys inaction. I had a conversation with my son today about his lack of progress in his weight-loss. The negative thoughts swirled in his head.

In this situation, you have to practice removing the emotions from this goal. Use pure logic. But the emotions stand guard, and you’re not able to connect to logic. But logic says today is the only day that matters. If you work out five days a week and you eat food to reinforce your weight loss, then logic says, you will reach your goal. However, if you clamp on the emotions then you’re going to feel stuck.

The next time you are looking to accomplish something, remind yourself there are no hard feelings, only pure logic.

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