No Decisions Is The Wrong Decision: Stop Waiting In Limbo3 min read

“No decision is the wrong decision.”

That’s what Christine Hassler said when I had an opportunity to be coached by her, live on her podcast. For some odd reason, I never thought about it that way. It was a point in my life where the confusion made me mad.

Some of you are currently battling against making decisions because limbo is holding you hostage. Limbo is a terrible place to exist. Staying in limbo eats away at you the way termites tear apart at wet wood.

When you’re in limbo, it’s for several reasons. Reasons such as self-doubt, fear, lack of trust within yourself, fear of discomfort, and possible embarrassment.

But a decision has zero emotions around––it’s only a decision. A decision gives you feedback. The feedback is what you need, not the limbo. The quicker you decide, the faster you can receive the necessary feedback you need to move in whichever direction you choose. Unfortunately, many people have a challenging time viewing it this way. I did.

When you decide on something, it isn’t permanent. You can make another decision, but most of you fear how it looks. You care more about what people think than you’re internal compass.

That’s a huge mistake because those people aren’t living your life. You can’t live your life for them. In fact, that’s one of the biggest regrets of the dying.

One more reason why it’s hard for you to decide it’s because your values aren’t clear. Roy Disney says, “When you’re values are clear, making decisions becomes easier.”

For example, if you value extensive travel, then committing to a job that requires a three-year commitment doesn’t align with your values. I battled this decision recently.

It was out of alignment, so I said no. If your love language is quality time, then being in a relationship with someone who values work by working 80-hours per week, that won’t work.

So, again, no decision is a wrong decision; it’s just feedback. Next, spend some time reflecting on your values, gain some clarity so that making decisions moving forward feels easier. Now, return to the world and make as many decisions as possible.


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