It’s Time To Stop Using Self-Care as a Band-Aid Before It’s Too Late5 min read

It happened again, didn’t it?

You didn’t just outwork the competition, you’ve outworked yourself. And you don’t have anything left in you. You’re like a shiny red Ferrari in Manhattan catching all the red lights. Fast then stop.

And you’re getting things done but at what cost? You’re getting things done, only to wonder if you can do it all over again the following month let alone, the following week. You’re caught in this yo-yo of producing and emptying. And now, you’ve been working non-stop, and you say to yourself, “I need a vacation.”

Self-care isn’t a vacation because it’s not a temporary fix. And because that’s how you’ve been doing it, you always find yourself back at square one. Starting all over again. Never feeling satiated. Always replenishing. It’s like spending two hours at the gym and still eating burgers and fries.

The scale will never move.

And you’ll never feel better.

Unless you realize that self-care isn’t a band-aid.

Shifting From a Temporary Mindset to a Way of Being

I remember overworking myself as a social worker and coming home irritable. It practically destroyed my relationship with my son. I would go to happy hours with friends or co-workers, take quick getaways, and I realized none of it was working.

But once I changed me, my habits, and understood how to protect my energy and keep my resolve full––everything around me changed. And my relationship with my son dramatically improved. Using self-care as a band-aid only solves short-term solutions.

A solid self-care plan will give you long-term results. But you’re going to have to make the shift from a reactive mindset to a nonreactive mindset. Because that’s when self-care becomes something you embody.

When you’re in a reactive state, everything before the reaction goes unnoticed because you’re on autopilot. It’s like walking into a glass door. You don’t see it but you damn sure feel it.

Furthermore, stress is an accumulation of lots of things from your environment. And you don’t realize it until you’ve collapsed. And until you feel as if everything is squeezing the life out of you––that’s when you decide something’s has to give. Until you’re no longer tolerant of your environment.

But why wait for that to happen? What if you can move things around quite quickly? What if you can harness your power like Spiderman and have your “spidey” senses that alert you when danger is near?

You can. But it takes practice.

Self-care is intentional living because you must first create an environment that sees stress and understands how to ward it off.

Self-care Becomes a Lifestyle Through Daily Practices

Self-care is a lifestyle.

Self-care is an embodiment.

But it isn’t about you being perfect because it’s biologically normal to feel stress. However, it’s not normal when it makes you feel abysmal. It’s reeling things in just in time before you’ve sacrificed relationships and your health to the point of no return.

You read a lot about morning routines because this is a representation of self-care. Morning routines aren’t about blowing smoke in the air––they can substantially save your life. Habits in a self-care plan are skill-building habits that everyone can develop over time. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Once you understand that self-care is a lifelong commitment you’ll shift from a reactive mindset to a nonreactive mindset. A nonreactive mindset can distance the effects of the external world from impacting the internal world.

To embody self-care means to make a promise to yourself. It’s in the decisions you make, the way you speak, the relationships you keep, and a spiritual relationship with your heart center. You essentially breathe it. You can interrupt it before it completely derails your life.

Make an Unwavering Promise to Yourself to Develop a Self-Care Plan

You’re deserving, and you’re worthy. Promise yourself that you’ll take a moment to develop a self-care plan. Because nothing in this entire planet matters more than you.

Not your children, not your family, your spouse, etc. Because without having optimal holistic health you are no good to your loved ones. They need you at your best. But most importantly, you need you at your best.

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