It’s Time To Accept That Life Has Its Peaks And Valleys2 min read

Life has its peaks and its valleys. Despite the urge to want to remain at the peak, no human is ever meant to live at the peak.

The peak is the state of happiness. It’s a blissful state in which no one endures any suffering. But life is too unpredictable for any human to remain at a constant state of peak happiness. 

Some may say well, Zen Buddhist monks are happy! Enlightenment and happiness are not synonymous. To reach enlightenment (which most monks will deny) is a process that has you facing your ungodly demons. Does that sound like happiness? Not at first, but it’s the pathway. 

Now that you know life is meant to have peaks and valleys, please allow the burden of the desire to reach a consistent peak of happiness to fall off your back.

What’s more important isn’t the peak, but what you do when you fall into the valley? Because the valley has various terrifying temptations, that will throw you off track. But you must move through the peaks and valleys because, with each movement, you build resilience. 

With that resilience, you can create auspicious goals while preparing adequately for any valleys up ahead. Here’s the thing, one of the many cores of the human trait is to seek, and because of this, you will never remain in the same state, which means you’ll never stay at the peak. 

And since there is no end to seeking, you’ll reach one desire then chase after the next. Yet, that’s what makes life beautiful. Happiness is appreciated because you know sadness.

Peace is loved because you’ve been through the chaos. It’s a stark paradox, but life is gray. Yet, the hues of your profound experiences are why life is also beautiful.

So, no, you won’t ever remain at a constant state of peak happiness. You’ll travel from peaks to valleys then back to peaks and valleys again. 

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