How To Use The 3 C’s To Create A Life Without Regrets4 min read

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a rut? Ok, let me ask you, have you ever procrastinated making an important decision because you were afraid of the outcome? Have you ever failed at something and then wished you had the choice to try again?

Life is filled with choices, changes, and chances. But it’s not until we start making choices that our lives truly begin to change. So how do you know when it’s time to take a chance? Before you can ultimately decide, you first have to embrace the 3 C’s of life: choices, chances, and changes. 

Deprogram Yourself

Many of us were taught that life is about taking risks and chances. But not all chances are created equal. We’re programmed to weigh the costs and benefits of any decision we make. But how many times have these decisions and choices resulted in stagnation, victim mentality, or self-doubt? We cannot control everything in life (and often, that’s a good thing). Still, we can empower ourselves with knowledge which will ultimately unlock more opportunities for our future.

Life Is A Matter Of Choices

Embrace the idea that we have choices. We believe that we don’t have choices over our circumstances. Some of us were indeed born into more complicated circumstances than others, which resulted in a later start in life. But, nothing is insurmountable. I refuse to believe that. There are countless stories of people who have overcome painful circumstances for this not to be true. Consider human evolution; humans have survived plagues, natural disasters, political unrest, etc. So, that same relentless belief exists in our DNA. 

Continue To Take Chances

How well do you manage risk? Do you try to avoid situations that could potentially turn bad, or do you embrace the idea of potentially learning from failure?

If we’re not taking risks, then we’re not living. We are conditioned from a young age that life is about taking the safe route. When people think of taking risks, they may fear failure and worry about what other people will think. People who achieve and live in their dreams are people who take more risks. Those who take more risks reap the most benefits in life. Life is impossible to live without risks. We risk to love, we risk to create our own families, we risk when we accept certain career paths––risk surrounds us. The truth is, you can’t live your whole life without some risk. Risks are what enhances your life, so take more of them. Moving out of your comfort zone is the single best way to grow.

Without Choices & Chances, There Are No Changes

We must decide to take a chance, or our lives will never change. Sometimes we deliberate for far too long. And sometimes, we underestimate our inner wisdom. But if the outcome we desire is change, then ultimately—we must decide then take a chance. 

There are no guarantees in life. There is always the chance that we could lose what we try to accomplish. This brings up a fundamental question—are you willing to take a risk in your life? Because without taking risks, we don’t live at all. We just exist. We go through the motions and make the same choices over and over. This leads me to another question—how often have you taken a real risk in your life? Because while many of us say we want change, most of us are too afraid to take a risk to get there. We end up stuck in our old patterns and routines for years—never living up to our potential or tapping into what we really desire. But like anything, it takes practice and patience to develop the skills that come with making courageous choices. 

Life is a gamble. Whether you embrace this notion or not, the truth remains that many decisions in life have some degree of uncertainty – we never really know what will happen. What I know is that not making choices, not making changes, and standing still in inaction will guarantee that you don’t live to your fullest potential. Now that you’re more knowledgeable about the 3 C’s of life use this as an opportunity to create the grandest vision for yourself.

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