How To Stop Looking In The Wrong Direction: Achieve Your Goals2 min read

Are you looking in the wrong direction?

What trips people up is looking too far at the road ahead when they are striving to achieve a goal. When you look that far forward, it means you’re obsessing over the outcome. If you’re obsessed with the result, then there’s no way for you to be present with how far you’ve come. It’s also challenging to focus on which activity is going to move the needle forward on your goal.

Sure, the outcome matters but not as much as how far you’ve come as you head towards this goal. If you don’t acknowledge the amount of work you’ve done so far, you’ll feel frustrated and defeated. If you feel frustrated and defeated, you’ll find yourself stuck in a loop. 

That loop is dangerous

That loop will continue to remind you that you’re not doing enough. For example, you created a weight loss goal, and because you have a lot of weight to lose, so you become fixated on the goal weight instead of the small step you can take now. 

An elk is a grazing animal. During winter, they’re not focusing on how much snow there is. Nor do they think about how long the long winters are. If they concentrate on these two conditions, they won’t survive. Instead, they bury their heads deep into the snow so they can graze for food. 

So, first, acknowledge all of your hard work. Don’t dismiss this because small wins matter more than the big wins. The big wins are only an accumulation of the hard daily decisions that propelled you towards a big win. 

Next, if you find yourself looking too far ahead, take a step back and focus on what you can do today and only today. Shake away the obsession with the result and focus on the number one activity that, if done consistently, will achieve your desired outcome.

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