How To Break Patterns In Your Life That Are Causing You To Suffer3 min read

Your habits and patterns reveal a tremendous amount of information.

Your habits will also show you what your core values and beliefs are. Habits show patterns in your life. These patterns you may want to interrupt or sever forever or do more of them. But how do you know if you need to let a habit go?

I’m reluctant to label habits as good or bad, so for this article, they are labeled as habits that serve and nourish you, versus habits that deplete you and cause you suffering. If you step away to reflect, you’ll notice patterns in your life.

But it would be best if you worked through your fears in facing the challenges in your life. Most of you avoid the reflection process because, well, it’s painful and scary as hell. But aside from that, there is a trade-off for not changing. Often, it’s comfort, and other times we feed off the drama from the chaos.

When you reflect, you’ll notice the patterns that are working against you. You’ll see how often you revisit these lessons. You’ll notice, if you listen to what people around you are repeatedly saying is an area of concern, you’ll receive the feedback you need to transform. Sometimes we’re so dark and deep into our patterns that we can’t see the light shining above us.

Do an inventory check. Reflect on an area of your life that you would like to strengthen, then reflect on what’s getting in the way of you strengthening that area. What is the pattern that you see? Why and where did it come from? Then ask yourself, how can I interrupt this pattern? You may need to dig deeper with a professional or someone you trust.

Breaking the patterns means you break up the cyclical flow of the pattern that depletes you and causes you suffering. This is how you rewrite your narrative. You’ll then cement your core values because you will no longer tolerate that energy in your life. Breaking these habits and patterns allows you to make more room for the habits that nourish and serve you.

“May you break the patterns that no longer serve you.”

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