Discomfort Is The Price Of Admission To A Meaningful Life4 min read

Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life. Courage is fear walking. —Susan David.

The comfort zone is where dreams, hopes, and desires die. Most of you are living in your comfort zones daily. You make decisions from there and your life reflects it.

How can you tell?

Some of you are at jobs right now that you hate. While others are in relationships beyond the expiration date. All because of comfort.

When you make decisions from a place of comfort it means you’re scared. Because the uncertainties of life are just too scary to manage. However, the reason for this, as Susan David calls it, is the lack of emotional agility.

Emotional Rigidity Keeps Dreams At Bay

Susan David explains this incredibly well in her Ted Talk above. The key to overcoming difficult situations will depend on your emotional agility. Frankly, avoiding difficult situations is damn near impossible.

Especially, if you desire things like most humans do. Things such as meaningful relationships, pursuing goals like careers or financial stability. Well, emotional rigidity isn’t the way to achieve those things.

You must first accept that discomfort is inevitable. Unforeseen events, most of which are out of your control are part of the evolution. It is possible. But you must first address the resistance to move beyond your comfort zone.

The Internal Battle

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.—Plutarch

It’s sort of sitting on the sidelines while watching everyone else live the life you hoped you could live. Many of you are aware that you’re operating out of your comfort zone. And because of this, you find yourself battling the push and pull inside of you.

You know what needs to be different, yet the resistance continues to prevent you from doing so. Unfortunately, some of you won’t give up the stuff that’s tearing you to pieces no matter how much it’s destroying you.

Life ebbs and flows the same way waves steal kisses from the sands. When you’re too rigid with your emotions you can’t move forward. It’s crucial to be flexible with your emotions––so you can embrace any discomfort that you are confronted with.

Some of that resistance comes from not allowing yourself to feel the emotions. But you must allow those feelings to come through you. Don’t push it away, cover it up or deflect it. Practice the habit of allowing. When difficult situations present itself, it’s time to embrace it with a new perspective.

Problems Aren’t Really Problems

Problems get a bad rep. It makes sense considering that problems always never feel good. But the problems aren’t problems. They are just the circumstances of life.

It’s the byproduct of being human, living, breathing and connect. While you are on the pursuit of the things you want, things are bound to happen.

Let’s use a minor example when your car breaks down, it’s not a problem, it’s because that’s what cars do. If your home needs a new roof, that’s not a problem because homes deteriorate. If we lose a loved one, it’s not a problem, that’s the impermanence of life.

No matter what happens in life, it’s necessary to let go and allow the situation to unfold. It isn’t possible to achieve emotional agility without changing your perspective.

Discomfort Is The Price

As you move about this world, remember it’s adaptability and flexibility that wins every time. Whenever you’re confronted by difficult situations, ask yourself if your emotions are too rigid. Then each time you reflect on your life, ask yourself if you’re too comfortable.

There have been some brilliant achievements in our world. It’s because people decided to step outside of their comfort zones. If you’re not looking to shake the world up, that’s okay. But ask yourself if you’re making progress in all areas of your life. If you’re not, then you’re not embracing discomfort enough.

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