Find The Courage To Suck At Something New1 min read

Find the courage to suck at something new isn’t something I coined. I read this on an Instagram account and I had to share my thoughts on it.

May Angelou had said courage is the most important virtue to humanity. It makes sense because it’s through a place of courage that everything else can transform. It’s through this courageous place that you can begin living a very different life than the one that you’re currently living. 

From the courage to love, the courage to change course in your life, the courage to say yes, the courage to say no, the courage to create boundaries, etc. Courage is the root of everything and without cultivating it, you’re going to find yourself incredibly stagnant.

Courage was an issue for me growing up, especially as a quiet, introverted kid. I was always afraid of messing up or making mistakes, and because I lacked courage I blocked the blessings that were attempting to show themselves in my life. But, not anymore, and you can do the same.

Find little pockets, or what I like to call them microways that you can strengthen your courage, so that when the time comes to exercise that courage, there are not hesitation. 

So, find the courage to suck at something new. Seth Godin says, no matter what you do, you’re going to suck pretty badly at it until you don’t. But that has everything to do with your perseverance to continue trying. And trying. And trying.

What will you suck at today?

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