Falling Apart Turns The Good Parts Better: You Are Beautiful3 min read

Falling apart looks beautiful on you.

But wait, falling apart is painful, how in the world is it beautiful?

Your fear of falling into tiny pieces the same way a ceramic mug shatters to the ground is the very reason why parts of your life haven’t transcended yet. You’re fearful of expressing and processing hurtful emotions because doing so makes you vulnerable.

Frankly, if you weren’t scared, I’d be concerned. Most people are afraid of exposing themselves in a way that could potentially hurt them. Because usually, this means this isn’t the first time.

There was a time where you were open and inviting. Your door remained open, and people came through your doorway like a warm summer breeze. But, something terrible happened to you, and you shut down.

And now you feel like you’re struggling. But, I purposely avoided describing your experience as a struggle because I don’t believe that’s what it is. Although, sure it may feel like a struggle. If you’re struggling, it means you’re struggling to accept. Struggling means you’re resisting what is and that’s creating your internal conflict. Recognize, that life is one gigantic lesson.

This is a moment to ask yourself, what is this experience teaching me? What are the lessons to be learned here? In some cases, life events are painful beyond belief. This means it may take some time for you to see the lesson. That’s okay. Everyone evolves at a different pace.

But there’s something you should know. Falling apart looks beautiful on you. It means you’re having a breakthrough. Marilyn Monroe says, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

For breakthroughs to happen, you need to break the old shell that used to protect you. You don’t need that shell anymore because now it’s hindering you. You sometimes need to fall apart. First, you need to shed old hurts and sorrows so you can rebuild and strengthen your resiliency.

So, when you find yourself falling apart, know something tremendous is happening in your favor. And remember it’s all going to be okay. It means you are transcending.

It’s nothing to fear.

You have gifts and you have strengths, both given to you upon your inception. You are prepared to see yourself through this part of your life.

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