Do You Believe In The Mystery Of Alignment?2 min read

Do you believe in alignment? 

Alignment is the idea that everything in your life is aligned. It comes off like a sweet symphony in which all of the instruments are melodic. The instruments focus on one particular goal ––to create harmony. 

Just like in life, humans strive for harmony. But face many obtrusive internal and external barriers that prevent this from happening

What does a car feel like when it’s out of alignment? What happens to it if it never makes it to the auto shop to receive an alignment? The car feels off-balance, it feels wobbly, and in some extreme cases, it’ll veer off in directions you never chose.

Life can often feel this way. When you’re out of alignment, you feel off. Nothing is paired up or in synch. Some people live their entire lives like this. They subconsciously accept being out of alignment, or they spin their wheels in search of it. Yet, in the end, they are never rewarded with it. 

I bet you’re wondering how do you subconsciously accept something without awareness?  Well, this happens because humans fail (to no fault of their own) to break the habit of living in chaos. Chaos feeds a part of the soul that lives in martyrdom. For those that are lucky enough to free themselves and wake up from the autopilot zombie-like living, can now replace a life of chaos with pure, untethered harmony. 

Maya Angelou says, “When you know better you do better.” Once you’ve broken free, do better. It’s a matter of living or not living.

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