Clarity Needs Honesty But Also Exploration And Play2 min read

Clarity requires a level of vulnerability.

It means accepting where you are without judgment. You reflect on your life, your past decisions, and where you are in the present. You raise your hand and say you need help and are open to feedback.

Clarity requires a level of risk and fear. It means you’re open and willing to explore new things. It means you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone to receive more understanding.

When life is unclear, it’s an exceptional time to explore because ideas will activate. And then, the following idea also becomes activated. To receive answers (even if it’s a no) explore feverously with various interests.

What clarity does not need is inaction. It has a way of clamping down on you and holding you hostage, so movement is crucial. When you’re continuously moving, you’re bound to discover something.

Or in other instances, reconnect with something you lost along the way. When you don’t have clarity, it causes massive confusion, disappointment, guilt, and shame.

Clarity requires humility. Because it requires you to admit you don’t know as much as you thought while realizing you know so much. When you’re not afraid to admit you need more knowledge and more skills, then you can reach your desired life quicker.

But parallel to that, sometimes you forget you have the answers within you. They’ve been covered up by a smog of distractions.

There was a time, the lack of clarity paralyzed me. I wrestled with it like a bear. Then I surrendered. Once I surrendered, I explored different interests. I found myself door knocking and cold calling in real estate, which is terrifying for an introvert. Next, I curated workshops in the community. Then I traveled to 14 countries solo and lived in two of them over three years.

So, what can you do?

You can pause and become quiet by eliminating distractions. Start to wonder and become curious. Play with clarity instead of being frustrated by it. It’s possible to receive the clarity you’re looking for, but first, make it your playmate.

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