6 Truths That We Can’t Ignore While Being Quarantined5 min read

The Coronavirus rocked our disillusioned world. The things we used to believe in have either shifted, or we no longer believe in them anymore. COVID-19 exposed multiple truths. Now the real question is, what are we going to do about it?

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou

Often, we don’t know better because we haven’t been exposed to the necessary information to do better. But, once we’re aware, it’s hard to return to an old state of being. It’s hard to ignore the many truths that COVID-19 has exposed, and it has impacted the way we interact not only with each other but with ourselves.

Here are 6 truths that we can’t ignore during COVID-19 that has exposed in our society:

Essentialism is the idea of only surrounding ourselves with the things we need versus the things we want. The other day I went to the grocery store for the first time. Armored with gloves and a face mask, I stood in line outside of the grocery store for 15 minutes as I waited in line for my turn. I felt as if I was waiting outside to enter an exclusive nightclub. But, it felt surreal straight out of SCI-FI outbreak blockbuster.

I thought to myself, while I waited in line, do I need the items on my
list? Merely some wine and bread for my son’s birthday dinner. The simplicities now rock our consumption filled world. People are living with less, and those who use materialistic things to fill voids can no longer do that. This reminds me of the times I lived in Thailand. Because the food was so fresh, buying in bulk became a thing of the past, abandoned in the West. I only purchased what I needed when I needed it.

Money doesn’t make the world go around.
Now that COVID-19 has stopped everyone on Earth who isn’t an essential worker from working, most people aren’t generating (enough) an income. The government is living paycheck to paycheck, multimillion-dollar businesses are living paycheck to paycheck, just like most households. Growing up, the advice I received was, “Save for a rainy day!” Yet, here we are.

Remote work is possible.
Many companies and organizations had no choice but to change the way they do business. But, not only their companies have to pivot, so did their mindsets. Employees have long denied people the ability to work from home. And now, most people are working from home, which brings even more challenges. Specifically, those managers and leaders who led by micromanaging are now challenged to ease the grip and let their employees do their jobs.

We cannot go through life without each other. It’s impossible. The person at the very top needs the person at the bottom, jobs that are considered less desirable by status measures are the ones we need the most at this critical moment. No matter what your background is or where you come from, the world is reliant on each other to keep things moving forward. There’s a newfound appreciation about this revelation. I believe it’s going to make people kinder and more empathic.

The world came together as a community to heal and support one another, from Italy’s neighborly concerts to businesses providing pro bono or discounted products such as free courses, group meditations, and even donating to struggling businesses. None of these things can unfold without a sense of community. I see more people standing in solidarity than I have in quite some time.

The whole world needed to rest.
Of course, not everyone can slow down. The essential workers of our society are still going at it full force from our health professionals to our grocery clerks (thank you). The whole world needed to pause and shift its focus from caring for the self to caring for others. But also vice versa, the world had to focus from caring for others to caring for themselves. We can finally take that long needed break that we needed, to rest, to practice self-care, to spend more time with our families, and to explore passions and hobbies we’ve been putting off for several years.

Truths are hard to swallow. But, we need to find the strength and the willingness to audit our lives honestly. Truths show both our weaknesses and our strengths. It also highlights our limitations (we all have them, and that’s okay). Therefore, highlighting and knowing these things allows us to have better relationships with ourselves, which in return creates better relationships with others. Let’s not fear what the truths hold, and let’s use them to make ourselves and the world a much better place.

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