5 Surprising Benefits You Get When You Meditate3 min read

Does meditation really work?

Some will say meditation doesn’t work for them, and that is true to their experience. However, there are several reasons why meditation might not work for some. Especially if there’s unresolved and suppressed trauma, then meditation might feel too overwhelming. It might even feel scary. Sometimes, drumming up memories that flood the central nervous system. 

I started meditating before moving abroad in 2016. It wasn’t easy to create a routine at first because it’s like learning a new language. You’re doing multiple things at once that impact and stretch your concentration. Therefore, it’s crucial to give yourself grace as you embrace meditation into your life. Are you aware that there are various meditation forms from walking meditation to Metta, guided meditation, and transcendental meditation?

When my clients have difficulties with meditation, I encourage them to practice small amounts, for example, 30 seconds to one minute a few times per week. Chunking new habits and routines to the smallest action steps will help you to be more successful. I call these micro ways of doing new things. Most of you want to go full throttle and “all in” when in reality, less and shorter will create quick wins.

Next, experiment with different forms of meditation. I recommend my clients to begin Metta meditation, which is also known as love and kindness meditation. Wishing those you love wellness in health and prosperity might be a bit easier than sitting there trying to meditate silently. When you wish those you love, it shifts your mood. So let’s take a look at other benefits of meditation. 

First, if you’re looking for immediate results, you won’t necessarily find it. Just like going to the gym and building muscles, the physical and aesthetic benefits won’t be felt or seen for months, in some cases years. 

That’s meditation.

You meditate now for those future challenges that are sure to come. You meditate now, so when you’re filled with emotions like anger, disappointment, sadness, you can be an observer and not be swept by it all. You find yourself being less emotionally reactive, allowing you to think clearly and react with a level head. By becoming an observer, you avoid being entangled by triggering emotions. There is documented evidence that shows the positive effects of meditation. 

Here are five surprising benefits of meditation:

  1. You decrease your levels of stress because meditation helps to regulate mood.
  2. You increase your focus and concentration levels. Because we live in a society where most people are moving a mile a minute, meditation teaches you to stay on tasks longer. 
  3. Decrease levels of anxiety, again it helps to regulate mood.
  4. You’ll increase your self-compassion because you’ll have a more heightened sense of self-awareness and the ability to see other people’s perspectives.
  5. You’ll decrease any levels of aggression. Again emotional regulation.

People have practiced meditation for thousands of years. Before we were overloaded with stimulation committed to distracting us, whether you believe it or not, you can benefit from taking a moment to pause and breathe. You can benefit from slowing down more so you can be mindful of your environment. Through meditation, you can teach yourself how to self-regulate your emotions and your physical body while also strengthening your compassion for yourself and others. 

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