400 Trillion To One Miracle That Will Change Your Life2 min read

Does it seem more challenging to be human these days?

Does it seem as if living this life is too much?

For some of you, merely getting up and showering is a huge win. I applaud you for that. Then some of you expose yourselves to the elements daily, only to return home crying and exhausted. 

I applaud you for showing up in the arena. Life is multilayered, filled with bobby traps, sharp curves, turns, and mysteries. It excites some, while others dread it. 

It’s natural to be self-absorbed while thoughts and feelings run laps with your pain. So, no surprise that you’re feeling defeated. But here’s a thought. 

So why are you here?

You’re here because of this number: 400 trillion to one. What does this number represent? It represents your birth because the chances of you being born were pretty slim. But you’re here for some reason. 

I never used to like birthdays as a young adult for several reasons. Mostly, I never wanted the attention. Though, I rarely celebrated it as a kid. 

And I found quite a few people who shared the identical sentiment. But as I became older and started to love myself more, it all changed. This birthday thing only happens once a year. Celebrate yourself because there was only 400 trillion to one chance that brought you here. 

This is why you cannot spend any more days in a job you hate. You cannot waste any more days in a relationship that drains you. You cannot spend any more days saying yes when you mean no, or saying no when you mean yes. You cannot waste any more days saying later when later has already passed. You cannot spend any more days waiting. 

Take your 400 trillion to one revelation and live life until the seams burst open. Because, you are scientifically proven, a miracle. 

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