12 Quotes By DMX: Reignite Your Faith & Unleash Your Inner Power7 min read

DMX was a multilayered individual with strong faith, yet a dark force of nature. Some would go further to say he was his own worst enemy. But DMX battled with demons in the limelight the way we battle demons in the closet. He used music as an art form to process his emotions and his life. He lived his story out loud and without apologies. He was a walking paradox and represented the dualities of life that we live in. 

His song Slippin is a powerful reminder of that paradox. DMX speaks of his demons and his intentions to defeat them: “Tell me why I’m slippin’ again / When I thought that I had found myself / Tell me why my heart begins to cry / Every time things get too real for me / Fears of havin’ nothing when I die screaming.

What’s fascinating is that he never denied his demons. He never denied the darkness inside of him. He was a spiritual person constantly pursuing the light and knew he was comforted by a higher power that he called God. I believe if we also acknowledge our shadows, we, too, can live more authentic lives. 

We need to live our stories out loud and consistently seek to be vulnerable enough to be who we are when we need to be. Because when we do we become less possessed by our past traumas. DMX was an incredible artist. He brought real-life experiences to the table, and people in masses gravitated toward him. He helped us to remember that we are a multifaceted array of emotions, experiences, pain, and pleasure. DMX knew his power within. He poetically weaved his faith, strength, and power throughout his music. 

Here are 12 quotes by DMX that’ll reignite your faith and inspire you to remember your inner power. 

1. “I am highly favored by God. I experience great victories, supernatural turnarounds, and miraculous breakthroughs in the midst of great impossibilities.”

Connecting to your source power and finding ways to remember that you’re always connected will remind you that you can do the impossible. 

2. “Right, wrong, good, bad, heaven, hell. I think that is the theme of my life. I think you have to know both in order to honestly choose one. So I’m familiar with both sides of the fence.”

Understanding the darkness within allows you to not fear it and to consciously choose the light daily

3. “I’m a shine regardless. My steps have already been ordained. My steps have already been written. The Lord has already written my steps out, so no one can do anything to stop it.”

Deeply spiritual people believe that it’s already been written. Even Louise Hay in The Power Within says she has no fears or worries because it’s already been written, and all is well. 

4. “The curse turned to grace when the hurt turned to faith.”

It’s “easy” to have faith when the chips are aligned. That’s not where you need it most. Give your life purpose and meaning. When painful things happen to us, it’s up to us to transmute that into the light. Had DMX not channeled that pain into the music, we wouldn’t have a DMX.

When pain isn’t transmuted, it rots and decays inside of us. Don’t waste your suffering. Don’t waste your pain. Let the light work its way through you. You indirectly positively impact those around you and maybe even the world.

5. “My relationship with God has gotten so much stronger. He’s always had his hand on me. He always guided me. I didn’t always go where he wanted me to go. But He always had me. Now that I’m actually listening and being obedient, life is so much better.”

There are decisions and tweaks that you can make along your journey, but once you walk within the light, you don’t have to worry because you’re already protected. You were born protected. However, we disconnect from that remembrance. 

6. “The truth doesn’t change. It was the same when Moses got the Ten Commandments as it is today. That’s the thing about the truth. That’s the thing about real. It doesn’t change, and it doesn’t have to change. Now you can put it in a different book, but it’s still real. It’s still the truth.”

We often become disillusioned through our idealized self versus our real self. It’s our authentic selves that will set us free. The truth will always be the truth.

7. “When you happy, you get locked in sleep. You get sleepy happy. I always wanna be on point. I always wanna be aware.”

Again, it’s easy to become lost and distracted by external stimuli and external agendas. It’s up to us to maintain our consciousness at a heightened awareness to remain connected to the self.

8. “I’m a King. Regardless of what I’ve been through and what I’ve done, I present myself as a King. And I get that respect from people, from everybody I deal with. I worked my whole life to establish that respect and make sure I get that respect.”

We were born perfect. It’s the things that happen in our lives that disconnect us from that feeling. It’s the trauma in our lives that has us believing that we’re less than perfect. This isn’t the idea of perfectionism. It’s the idea that we were and are born with love and that we are loved. To keep us mentally enslaved means to have us disconnect from that. Because when we don’t love ourselves, we suffer.

9. “You gave us power in our words, so I think before I speak, and that way, when I speak, they know I’m here to teach.”

Our society was designed to silence us from our educational systems to our corporate industrialized ways of work. But we were never meant to be silenced. Once you find and connect to your voice, you will feel more empowered to create the life you want and deserve. You’ll feel empowered to say no. You’ll feel empowered to never take less than you deserve in life in all areas of your life. 

10. “Never become so involved with something that it blinds you. Never forget where you from; someone will remind you.”

The stoics believe to never become possessed or obsessed by our external environments because when we do, we forget. We must remain humble and filled with gratitude. You’ll often hear, remove your worldly possessions and live without them, strip yourself regularly of the comforts of life so that you can not only appreciate it but understand that it doesn’t define you. When I do my seven-day fasts, it’s to break the obsessive relationship (dependence) with food. Reminding me that I can live without it and all will be well. It’s a practice in humility. 

11. “My birth was a blessing. Sent to live and die on Earth; it’s a blessing. We each have a star; all you have to do is find it. Once you do, everyone sees it. You won’t be blinded.”

Find your purpose and meaning in your life because you were born with it. You just need to reconnect, explore, and you will find it. Find your star

12. “Nothing we can’t handle, break it up and dismantle.”

There is nothing in life that we weren’t built to handle, no matter the depths of that pain. We’re a resilient species. We have everything around us to heal. 

I’m not here to ask you to believe in anything that you don’t. However, I do believe spirituality is the foundation of healing. Your faith can come in many forms but believing in a higher power, something greater than you, will help pull you forward and comfort you in times of darkness. Some of us call it optimism. I hope these 12 quotes help you to unleash your inner power and reignite your faith.

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