Defying Resistance | Coaching Women Through Barriers

Frantzces Lys, LCSW
Clinical Therapist/Life Coach, Medicine Woman Guide
& Plant Medicine Integration Coach

Guiding people to find healing through plant medicine journeys &
deep coaching.

What’s holding you back right now? Are you living the life you’ve always wanted?
Are you doing work that matters to you? 

The world is full of people who have experienced some level of pain. Unresolved pain hangs around like a dense mass of hopelessness, anger, and resentment. It causes them to become disconnected, disconnected from themselves, moving through life on autopilot, lacking direction and a sense of purpose.

The key to knowing: Have you ever noticed that tight feeling in your chest, the discomfort you feel day in and day out? Those are gifts—gifts of self-awareness. If the sensations you feel are becoming harder to ignore, it’s time for a change. You owe it to yourself and the world to let go of everything that keeps you stuck and stagnant. Your situation is NOT hopeless. You CAN change.

You DO have the power to make long-lasting changes.

What will coaching with me be like?

Watch testimonials from previous clients.

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Are you ready to start living your life intentionally? Are you feeling stuck and disconnected, unsure of where to start? 

Most of my clients have tried everything, traditional therapy, meditation, personal development courses, or they’ve read every self-help book on the market. Yet, they’re still not seeing much progress in their lives.

Unresolved pain hangs around like a dense mass of hopelessness, anger, and resentment. 

It causes you to be disconnected and disconnected from yourself moving through life on auto pilot lacking direction and a sense of purpose. 

There are ways to deal with this pain and we will discuss these different methods. 

Regardless of your situation (relationship struggles, work challenges, health hurdles, success blocks, financial roadblocks), I can help you find meaningful life-long solutions. We will have life-changing conversations together.

Feel more joy for self, discover your peace and create more alignment in your life. Most of all reconnect with yourself. 

I can support you through Plant Medicine Journeys (private & group).

Schedule your FREE Soul Session today.


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Together we will defy the resistance.

Learn to remove hurdles in your life that get in the way of you stepping into your fullest potential, going after what you’re meant to do, and stop revisiting the same lessons over and over again.  What would your life look like if you actually were able to do that?

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