Together we create ways to defy the resistance.

1:1 Coaching

I provide one on one coaching but only to 1-3 clients per month. You can schedule a discovery call here

Group Coaching

I’m coaching a small group of creatives. Space is limited and I expect to sell out soon. Join the waitlist here

Self Development

I believe you have the internal resources to manage the challenging situations in your lives. You can defy the resistance in a self-paced do it yourself manner. Feel free to use the site as a resource. Learn more here


I offer consulting services to other coaches and therapists looking to take their businesses to the next level or transition into therapreneurs. Learn more here.

Unblock & Thrive: 5 Core Ingredients For Change

Join me for this FREE webinar.

Trying to get unstuck? Feeling unclear about what you want in life? Don’t know where to start or how to find time to do your thing?

This is your chance to take control and remove the mental blocks that stop you from flowing and thriving. You will discover 5 key ingredients to changing your mindset so you can thrive and take control of all areas of your life.

You can find more details about the coaching program here

TLW is closed! You can join the waitlist for the next round.

After just one session with Frantzces, I felt so much progress was made from just 1 call, than the previous 4 years of psychological help. She exhibits extreme professionalism and understanding. Frantzces listens to your story and extrapolates responses to help you uncover positive paths forward, instead of giving obvious advice like I’ve been given before. I can’t thank you enough, my heart feels like it’s becoming whole again, love for others more than before. Although I still need to reconcile my past, it’s become so much easier than ever before. The world is a much better place with Frantzces in it. Looking forward in talking again.

Mike V.
Defying Resistance

Frantzces has really helped to see things from a different angle and she’s helped me develop more compassion for myself. She has a way of breaking down things into more manageable action steps so that I feel more inspired and motivated to keep going with my goals. She’s very aware of all the ways resistance can come up for people and she's helped me to become the observer of that resistance which has greatly reduced my fear and judgement of it. Overall I feel she really holds a space for me to feel heard and understood.

Brand & Marketing Specialist
Defying Resistance

Frantzces helped me to get unstuck from feeling powerless to change my situation. Working with her is like talking to nonjudgemental friend that you can tell anything to without shame. She makes you feel supported but won't hold back from telling you the truth....with kindness, of course. I love her style and dedication to her craft. She is knowledgeable and most of all, helpful.

Documentarian/Mr. Toilet
Defying Resistance

I loved my coaching session with Frantzces. She is very resourceful and a wealth of information. She gave me realistic tasks to complete and I now have a lot more clarity about my goals.

Marie B.
Get Instant Access to Cheating Resistance: The Ultimate Guide To Freeing Yourself So You Can Live An Extraordinary Life

I coach creatives how to create a strategic plan to confidently transition into their craft and free themselves by removing the hurdles that get in the way of them turning their craft into full-time careers so they can live a more fulfilled life.

Use this FREE guide to catapult you towards “the thing” you want to create. Isn’t it time you live a life on your terms?


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